Newborn Care

At Twinkle, we are enriched with a team of nannies who specialize in neonatal care.

Enjoy unlimited support through a vast knowledge of newborn care basics for adequate infant care at home. The tender bodies of newborns deserve a more delicate touch, snuggle, and comprehensive care from the best hands.

From only a few days old to 6 month-old babies, we have all the gentleness and daintiness to provide newborn help for your special one. You can feel the love in every tender snuggle, soft rock, and gentle feeding we administer to your babies.

Our newborn care specialists do not administer medication to newborns; we only care for them.

We are well-versed in helping nursing mothers prepare formulas for newborns while following your feeding instructions to the letter. Our newborn nannies are skilled in providing immediate care of newborns after birth.

In all our dealings, we work hand-in-hand with the mother and family of newborns to understand their needs. We offer newborn care, including bathing, cleaning, clothing, and regularly changing diapers and clothes of newborns. We ensure that your baby wipes remain warm and dry while your baby feeding kit stays washed and drained.

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Questions & Answers

All of our childcare experts are certified caregivers or nurses with a minimum of 2 years-experience. When they join Twinkle, they also receive a thorough induction process where our clinical manager and childcare services manager takes them through an in-depth in-house training programme which covers every aspect of childcare including growth and development, sleep routine, common ailments in children, bathing, formula preparation and child safety to name a few.

We provide 4 hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even annual packages. Peace of mind is so important and knowing that your childcare arrangements are taken care of is one less thing to have to worry about!

We are here to be as flexible as possible but we do have a minimum booking requirement of 4 hours per day. If you have an emergency situation and we do have availability, we will of course do our best to help. We know that life is not always predictable and above all, we want to support parents as much as we can!

Of course! We are experts in caring for babies during the night to allow parents the chance to get a good nights sleep. We understand that it takes time for your little one to settle into a night time routine and if you would like to try to form a more structures routine, our sleep trainers can also assist with this sleep routines.